CHICAGO (CBS) — Some local organizations that work to promote peace are creating a peace mural on Chicago’s south side, and they’re inviting volunteers to come out tomorrow and help to fight violence through art.

Wallace and 63rd street is the boundary between the Englewood and Woodlawn neighborhoods.

There, a concrete wall, owned by Metra, is being transformed.

The words “Peace, Hope, Love and Unity” are going up in mosaic tile and pieces of mirror.

“Seeing these words its like a subtle reminder,” said Dee Dee Koldyke, founder of EarthHeart Foundation, which is partnering with the Green Star movement on the peace mural. “It’s a message that we don’t see enough especially on a wall that was so ugly at one time and now it’s this beautiful piece of art.”

Green Star’s Anna Soltys is one of the artists.

“These strong words, unity, love, peace, hope, is a reminder to the community that all that lives in your own community too. Through color, through vibrance, we are reminded within ourselves that we have all these beautiful things inside of us and we should continue celebrating them.”

Lydia Shepherd is another artist on the project.

“It creates an opportunity for the community to come together and create something that they can be proud of.”

They’ll be working on the mural with neighbors and volunteers tomorrow.