(CBS) — Prices going up this fall on items people buy every day from beef to chocolate. CBS 2’S Marissa Bailey has a fall price forecast.

If it seems like you’re paying more for beef, you are says Bill Begale of Paulina Meat Market. He says prices have gone up 20 to 30 percent since January. Drought has hit livestock hard and a virus has attacked pigs.

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“Our bacon has gone up tremendously, probably double in the last three years,” said Begale

Pork prices are softening a little but beef is another story.

Chocolate prices are up about 12 percent over last year for Laura Case, owner of Beijo de Chocolat.

“The demand for chocolate is so high, we have had to raise our prices about 10 percent,” Case said.

She’s not the only one. Hershey and Mars recently raised prices about seven percent.

“They can only harvest so many cocoa beans,” Case said.

She also says butter has gone up a dollar a pound.

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If you use K-cups for your coffee, Keurig says it will raise prices by as much as nine percent beginning November 3.

Kraft has raised prices on cheese products from five to 12 percent and expect increases in some produce.

Housing prices around the country are expected to go up five to seven percent this winter and airfares will stay high as well according to analyst Jill Schlesinger.

“The consolidation of the airline industry makes air travel likely to be more expensive in the future not less expensive,” Schlesinger said.

But, she says gas prices will likely stay stead through the end of the year. Gas prices will likely stay steady through the end of the year.

“Demand for oil is dropping. We are actually at to a two and a half year lows. That should mean that we should see sustained, lower gas prices,” Schlesinger said.

One store owner we talked to says he is buying butter now to sell over the holiday season. He’s paying 10 percent more than last year and is hoping he won’t have to pass it on to customers.

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When it comes to meat, Bill from Paulina Meat Market says ground chuck is always a good, less expensive option.