(CBS) As you’ve likely heard by now, no one wants to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. The finalists have been pared to two — Beijing and Almaty, Kazakhstan — after basically everyone else around the world either chose not to bid in the first place or have dropped out as the process has gone on.

Why has that happened? Well, International Olympic Committee corruption and financial loss for host cities are the two main reasons, as Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel expertly describes in hilarious fashion here.

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But there’s more to it than that. In addition to being greedy, the IOC is really high-maintenance. Like really, really, really high-maintenence. Check out some of the demands it makes of any Olympic host, which we discover courtesy of Slate.com after is was picked up by the Norwegian media, which just this week saw Oslo drop out of the bidding despite being the favorite.

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Here’s some the craziness the IOC was calling for from Oslo’s bid:

— The IOC was demanding to meet the king of Norway before the opening ceremony and wanted a cocktail reception afterward, with the tab for drinks paid for by the government or organizing committee.
— Separate traffic lanes created on all roads in which IOC members would travel, which weren’t to be used by regular people or public transportation.
— A welcome greeting from the local Olympic boss and the hotel manager was to be presented in IOC members’ rooms, along with fruit and cakes of the season.
— Extended hours for the hotel bar and mini-bars stocked with Coke products.
— A ceremonious welcome for the IOC president Thomas Bach on the runway when he arrives.
— IOC members wanted to have separate entrances and exits to and from the airport.
— During the opening and closing ceremonies a fully stocked bar shall be available. During competition days, wine and beer will do at the stadium lounge.
— IOC members shall be greeted with a smile when arriving at their hotel.
— The hot food offered in the lounges at venues should to be replaced at regular intervals so that IOC members didn’t have to “risk” having to eat several meals at the same lounge during the Olympics.

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The moral? There are a lot of reasons no one wants to host the Olympics.