(CBS) — The Chicago River was a-flame Saturday night to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire.

The festival was produced by Chicago’s Red Moon Theatre and the theme of the show was rebirth and renewal. Model Victorian homes ignited to give a snapshot of what it was like back in 1871 when the city burned for days only to be left in ashes.

While the flames were hot, the weather was nippy but didn’t stop crowds from lining the Chicago River for the show. Organizers estimate the festival drew 30,000 people.

Not all went as planned as some of the fires never ignited. Producers said there were electrical problems caused by the rain on Saturday. The cost of the event is over $2 million.

John Roeser of Roeser’s Bakery had a booth at the event and says you could tell a lot of work went into making it happen.

“We went down to the theater and we saw what they were building and truly the stuff was amazing, houses on the barges and the arms that were going to come up out of the water with the hoses and all that. You know, it is very creative,” Roeser said.

He says despite that, the firework show afterwards was great and was impressed by the huge crowd that attended despite Saturday’s frigid weather.