“It’s a good time to be a geek,” says Leon Kappelman, a professor at the College of Business at the University of North Texas who focuses on IT management issues, in an article on informationweek.com. “Salaries are increasing, money going to training is increasing — which is typically a sign of employers trying to keep their IT people — and we see turnover increasing, which is typically a sign of a healthy IT job market.” CIOs ranked information security as their second biggest concern in the technology sector.

(Photo Courtesy of Sarah Isaacs)

(Photo Courtesy of Sarah Isaacs)

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Companies like Conventus Corporation are offering invaluable IT protection to their clients, including: server security; data loss prevention; compliance; and endpoint and mobile protection. Sarah Isaacs, Co-Founder and COO of Conventus, shows how she was able to use her master’s degree in telecommunications to help further her career in the tech field of information security.

What inspired you to enter this field?

“I entered the field of IT for convenience rather than inspiration. Years of working as a computer lab manager and technician in college gave me excellent experience necessary for my first job out of school in a technical setting. Years later, I focused my expertise into information security. This was due to the observance of quickly changing technology, and the need for better controls at the enterprise level.”

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What are your thoughts on what it takes to be successful in this field?

“As more areas of technology develop, so do opportunities for success. No matter where your interests lie, it’s not enough to just ‘get by’ in any field these days. Currency in your expertise is essential. Competition is tough all around, and those who rise to the top do a good job of not only marketing their corporate brand, but also their personal brand. It’s important to remember that you are your best promoter.”

What advice can you offer others entering the field of technology?

“There are some fields in IT that require formal, computer science degrees where the importance of theory, history and particular skill sets play an integral role in the performance of daily tasks. There are other fields that require more real-world, application experience, where attending conferences, industry certifications and networking in the right communities may rival formal education. Whatever path you choose, ensure that you continue to learn, grow and be on top of your field. Look for opportunities that offer variety in technology services.”

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