(CBS) — What do you get when you cross the TV show “Breaking Bad” with current events? The answer is: one of this year’s most popular – and perhaps most tasteless – Halloween costumes.

After two decades at Fantasy Costumes on Milwaukee Avenue, General Manager Cathy Bunger has seen it all.

“I mean after 20 years, I don’t get shocked by anything.”

However, this year people are combining the “haz mat” suit from “Breaking Bad” – and designing Ebola-related costumes.

Bunger says: too soon.

“That’s what they want to do. I know there was one gentleman who was going in couples… and the other person was actually going to the lengths of putting on prosthetics to look like the flesh was being… I give them what they want. I’m only hear to help.”

“Desiree, where’s the ‘Breaking Bad’ yellow…”

“I think we ran out.”

“Really? In the morning… to that lady?

“Apparently we are sold out. Temporarily, I’m sure, because we can reorder it. But – there you go.”