(CBS) Bears kicker Robbie Gould has downplayed the locker room commotion between arguing players that was easily audible through double doors for the media to hear after Chicago’s ugly 27-14 loss to Miami on Sunday at Soldier Field.

Receiver Brandon Marshall got into it with quarterback Jay Cutler and Gould as well, according to reports. Gould didn’t confirm that he and Marshall had an argument, saying the two have a “great relationship” and attributing the hoopla to emotions running high after the Bears dropped to 3-4, a record Marshall admitted was “unacceptable.”

“I wouldn’t give this any more attention than this needs,” Gould said in an interview with the Spiegel and Mannelly Show on Monday morning. “Everyone’s trying to make a story out of something that wasn’t really that big of a deal.

“What happened in the locker room wasn’t anything that’s out of the ordinary, wasn’t anything that’s different that happens in other teams’ situations. To be honest with you, it’s just a matter of people trying to find a story because we lost. There wasn’t anyone called out. There wasn’t a situation that was over the top. There’s nothing I would read into this.”

“Everyone’s frustrated, everyone wants to win.”

In addition to the postgame commotion, offensive guard Kyle Long said it was “unacceptable” that fans were booing as the Bears left the field at halftime. Long apologized Monday morning for those comments, and he and the Bears know there’s only one way to rectify the situation.

“If we were winning, no one would care,” Gould said. “Winning cures everything.”