By John Dodge

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — There was once a time when Chuck Taylors came in white and one would play basketball in them.

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These iconic sneaks from Converse have evolved into a fashion statement, coming in a dizzying amount of styles, colors and patterns.

One component that didn’t quite keep pace with those changes: the eyelets.

Dominick Guglielmo wants to fill that void, figuring that the owners of the hundreds of millions of Chucks on the market would appreciate adding their own flair.

He spent nearly three years to create the Capsole, an eyelet accessory that allows owners to customize Chucks in seconds.

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“Simply unlace, snap ’em in, replace, and go,” according to a funding campaign launched by Guglielmo on Kickstarter.

“The inspiration came from not being able to customize my shoes in a way that was personal to me. So I began to develop my own,” said Guglielmo. “Capsole at its very core is an accessory that allows you to embrace your unapologetic style.”


The Capsoles come in a variety of neon colors, along with gold and camo.

A pledge of $13 gets you one set of a neon color of your choosing.

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If you have deep pockets, you can pony up $7,500 and Guglielmo will have his team make some Capsoles with your own design.