(CBS) — As the search for more bodies continues– the families of the identified victims are trying to work through their grief.

Police say Darren Vann confessed to killing 36-year-old Kristine Williams, but he has not yet been charged with her murder.

CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot spoke with Williams father.

The emotional pain Bruce Williams feels, is immeasurable.

“If my daughter had been killed in an accident, it would be easier, because it was an accident. This is somebody purposely, taking somebody’s life,” he said.

Alleged serial killer Darren Vann confessed to killing Williams’ 36 year-old daughter, Kristine Williams.

“Right now, we know there’s seven families. How many families are there? In Texas, spread out through the United States, but all these families and I pray to God, that they can handle it better than I can.”

Williams says he learned of his daughter’s death through a phone call from the Lake County coroner.

“We live close to Gary. It struck me like a lightning bolt… And I asked him, I says, ‘Does this have to do with that serial killer?’ He goes, ‘Yes it does,'” Williams said.

Williams says the coroner estimated she had been dead for ten months to a year.

“He told me she was mummified,” he said. “Makes you realize just how important life is.”

“He’s getting three meals a day. Where’s justice in that? How do these people exist? How do they go through a normal life?”

Williams says his daughter had her troubles in life and run-ins with the law.

“My daughter wasn’t an angel. She is the victim. He is not.”

He says his pain will continue even if Vann is executed, which he doubts.

After learning Vann refused to speak in court at his hearing Wednesday, Williams said, Vann has no rights. He gave those up, when he confessed.