By John Dodge

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — Judging by the reaction from the air traffic controller, Chicago O’Hare International Airport doesn’t get a request like this one very often.

The pilot of a tiny Cessna 172 requests to land at one of the world’s busiest airports, a tiny sprout amid the Sequoias of the airline world.

In a video posted this week on YouTube, the pilot calmly makes the audacious request:

“With information Echo, would like to do a full stop taxi back at O’Hare.”

“UHHHH .. YOU WANT TO DO THIS AT O’HARE?” the air traffic control replies in disbelief.

The pilot coolly responds: “Affirmative, sir.”

The control center balks for a moment, saying that with all the aircraft that it may be tough to accommodate the request.

Shortly thereafter, the little Cessna is cleared for landing, but is warned to stay far away from the much, much bigger 747 landing before it.

As the plane makes its approach to runway 28C, the passenger is gleefully snapping pictures as proof of their excellent adventure.

The FAA said it is not that unusual for Cessnas to land at the airport.