(CBS) — Military veterans can adopt a dog or cat from the Anti-Cruelty Society today – and have the adoption fee waived.

Having an animal is important for Steve Muniz of Chicago.

“It is healthy. And it’s not just my opinion. It’s all the opinions I’ve been seeing – what an animal can do for someone’s spirits.”

Muniz is a Vietnam veteran. He’s 62.

“I picked out a cat that would be beneficial for him too. I don’t want nothing moving faster than me at my house. I got a cat between 5 and 10. Me and him can just mosey around and… live as long as we should.”

Of course, the cats and dogs already have names. But Muniz, as a new owner, has the right to change his name.

“I forgot the name, but I’m going to change it to Barabbas. The one that was spared.”

From the Biblical account: the prisoner who was freed and spared the cross – instead of Jesus.

Fifth Third Bank is paying the adoption fees in the “Pets for Vets” program.