(CBS) In a joint press conference Monday with Bears general manager Phil Emery in which they reflected on the struggles of their 3-5 football team, coach Marc Trestman said the organization isn’t thinking about making any coaching changes during the bye week.

“We have everybody in position right here,” Trestman said. “We feel, without question, we built a work ethic, a system of doing things in this building is in place to have the consistency we need to win. We’re disappointed because we haven’t done that. We haven’t done that. We’re 3-5, like Phil said. It’s not good. It’s not good. We understand that is not a good situation. But we do feel we have the foundation to build from here, and that’s the next step.

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“I told the team that yesterday — this is a hungry football team, they want to do it right, they’re doing things we’re asking them to do, but we’re not just being paid to play the game. We’re being paid to win them. And that’s the next step this team needs to take, on a consistent basis.”

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Trestman also said he wouldn’t consider giving up his offensive play-calling duties, and he supported much-criticized defensive coordinator Mel Tucker and much-maligned special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis.

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“We’ve got a great staff,” Trestman said. “In all three phases, we’ve got an excellent staff. Mel and I spent enough time that I’m acclimated to what we’re trying to get done defensively. Joe and I spend time to make sure that going in, we understand and I understand what we’re trying to get done special teams-wise. And offensively, we’ve got a staff that separates a lot of the process during the course of the week. We’ve got guys responsible for third down, the red zone, goal line and short yardage, certainly in the passing game and running game, we all work together.”