CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Rahm Emanuel cast his ballot in the race for governor on Wednesday, to make a point about early voting, and what’s at stake in next week’s elections.

WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports the mayor voted on the lower level of the George Dunne County Office Building at 69 W. Washington St., and when he took his place at the touchscreen voting machine, he clearly surprised the woman at the next station.

Afterward, he told reporters he voted for Gov. Pat Quinn.

A reporter asked if he was afraid people would be turned off by the largely negative campaign between the Democratic incumbent and Republican challenger Bruce Rauner. Clearly, the mayor hopes that isn’t the case.

“There are real issues. Forget all the commercials. Put that aside. Do you believe the minimum wage should be raised? That’s on the ballot, and the legislature in Springfield needs to hear with unambiguous, one clear loud scream, ‘Yes,’ so they can get focused and we can raise the minimum wage here in Illinois,” he said.

Democrats have been hoping a question about the minimum wage will drive turnout and boost the chances Quinn and other Democrats will win on Election Day.

“I know that the Democrats are doing an effective job of reminding people what’s at stake. That’s why I voted yes on the minimum wage,” Emanuel said. “I voted yes, and my hope is, as soon as the election’s over, the General Assembly in Springfield, with the governor, will turn to giving people a rise in the minimum wage.”

The mayor urged Chicagoans to vote, either early or on Tuesday.