Employment of lawyers is projected to grow 10 percent from 2012 to 2022. While this isn’t a huge employment growth when compared to other fields, those contemplating the field of law should consider the other benefits that coincide with real world practice. Oftentimes, the wages earned through employment aren’t the only benefits gained through career work.

(Photo Courtesy of Lyndsay Markley)

(Photo Courtesy of Lyndsay Markley)

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While working with nonprofit organizations often gets the most notoriety when it comes to achieving altruistic goals within a career, practicing law can be a great option for those looking to help others.

Lyndsay Markley is a personal injury & wrongful death trial attorney and principal of the Law Office of Lyndsay A. Markley. Markley is currently representing plaintiffs in lawsuits against United Airlines for the sexual abuse of minors during its mentoring program in Chicago in the 1990s, as well as another lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Chicago on behalf of a victim of sexual abuse.

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Achieving a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and continuing on to achieve a law degree, Markley is a great example of how to utilize an educational background to achieve both career and altruistic goals. When asked her thoughts about employment opportunities in the field of law, Markley stated, “Employment opportunities for newly graduating Chicago attorneys are few and far between, with extra work needed to find ‘gainful’ employment.”

When asked about advice for future professionals, Markley stated, “I would recommend that a new associate focus on creating a strong professional relationship with one existing client through strong work product, regular communications and face-to-face time, if possible. The partners will know that this client is pleased with your work and be reluctant to make any changes that would frustrate that relationship – this buys you time to create your own relationships. Take every opportunity to learn more about the profession by questioning lawyers, judges or anyone in the legal profession.”

Lawyers might not always have the best reputation, but attorneys like Lyndsay Markley are proving that practicing law can be a profession dedicated to helping others while succeeding in the field.

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