By Dorothy Tucker

(CBS) — A high school security officer is hopping mad because her car was illegally towed — and she’s got the video to prove it.

It happened outside a popular South Side museum, so she may not be the only victim.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports.

An illegal tow captured on surveillance tape. The 1999 Black Acura belongs to Deidra Simpson-Torres, who just happens to work part-time security at Butler School, with access to the video.

“This is where I was parked,” Simpson-Torres says. “There are no street signs prohibiting parking, nothing by the city of Chicago that says you cannot park here.”

Rendered Services towed her car. She’s got the receipt proving she paid $216 to get it back.

A company clerk says Rendered does not tow from public streets. The company does have a contract with the Pullman Porter Museum and responded to a request for a tow.

“We don’t go there unless somebody called,” the representative said.

CBS 2 talked to the museum’s executive director, who videotaped the news crew as it videotaped him.

He said he ordered the tow because the museum needs the street clear for tour buses. The museum also painted the curb yellow, he says, and put orange cones out.

But here’s the problem: Only the city can designate “no parking” on a public street, according to city officials.

A Chicago police officer at the scene told the director that the museum can only have a vehicle towed if it is blocking a private driveway.

“People have a right to park on public way. That’s why it’s there — for us to park on,” Simpson-Torres says.

She suspects others have been victims of the illegal tows in that area. If you believe you’ve been a victim, you should file a complaint with the Illinois Commerce Commission.

Dorothy Tucker