(CBS) — A fourth person has been taken into police custody in connection with a sexting and cyber-bullying scandal in north suburban Gurnee.

Three students at Warren Community high school, and a fourth from another school, face charges for distribution of child pornography.

CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot reports.

A female student at Warren High, O’Plaine campus, in Gurnee says she’s the victim of cyber-bullying and sexting. A picture of her was allegedly sent out to several other students. She reported the crime to a school police officer.

“If you receive something like this, you should immediately bring if to a parent, bring it to the authorities, don’t forward it on. Get law enforcement involved,” Gurnee Police Cmdr. William Meyer said Friday.

“Forwarding it is potentially a crime, just merely possessing it is potentially a crime,” he adds.

Three male students are now facing charges as juveniles for distributing child pornography. A fourth student, from Grayslake Central High School, turned herself in and faces a similar fate.

A fifth arrest of a juvenile is expected, Le Mignot reports.