(CBS) – Lucky you. You’re going to hear the word “bombogenesis” a lot in the next week.

It’s a word that may drum up business for some – as in winter clothing stores – but it will bring memories of winter pain for others.

Remember the “Polar Vortex”? That term refers to wind currents over the North and South poles; they had an unusually strong impact on the United States during the last winter.

The slangy “Bombogenesis” describes a rapid drop in pressure that will occur to the north. The bombogenesis will create a ripple effect that sends artic air to the Chicago area.

What’s that mean for us? It could make autumn feel more wintry than usual next week, CBS 2 Meteorologist says. Temperatures that normally are in the high-30s could drop to the teens in some places overnight.

The silver lining: If you’re a winter-sports enthusiast you may get an early skiing and snowboarding season, CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross reports.