(CBS) Hunter Hillenmeyer was never a star linebacker during his tenure in Chicago, but like so many other former Bears with a blue-collar attitude, he can’t stand the sight of a team that’s not playing with the heart and tenacity that he and so many others have given to the organization over the years. The Bears are 3-6, and coach Marc Trestman’s job security is the hottest topic in town.

Two days after tweeting that there’s “no reason for Trestman to keep his job this year,” Hillenmeyer reiterated that point in an interview on the Spiegel and Mannelly Show on Tuesday morning.

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“I could see the argument for a clean slate,” Hillenmeyer said. “The message he’s been giving publicly is basically saying, ‘We stink, but we have really good coaches.’ What are you left to think from that?

“You’ve clearly got players who have not bought in to what he’s doing. It doesn’t seem like it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that there’s some tension going on in that locker room. I just think you see guy take over a 10-6 team and become one of the least competitive teams in football in a year-and-a-half, what are you left to think?

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“You’re left to think he’s either pointing the finger at (general manager Phil) Emery and saying, ‘We’re doing a good job (as a coaching staff), the players aren’t doing their part.’ Or he’s pointing the finger at the players and saying, ‘We have talented players who simply aren’t performing.’ And so Trestman seems to be arguing for his own neck, but I don’t know where that leaves you.”

Hillenmeyer played for the Bears from 2003-’10, which included a run to the Super Bowl after the 2006 season. He’s never seen anything quite like this, though.

“I thought some heads would roll yesterday for sure,” Hillenmeyer said, referring to the Bears not firing anyone Monday. “I don’t know Trestman personally, so it’s easier for me to say that. But I just feel like I’ve never seen the city of Chicago like this about the Bears.

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“They could be 3-6 and be 3-6 in a way where you’re pretty disappointed about it but you still have some reason for optimism. But the product we’ve seen out there in their last two games, they look like the worst team in football. It’s hard to stomach.”