(CBS) — Researchers at Northern Illinois University have come out with a new study on how much people are checking and responding to their work emails when they’re on and off the job.

Dr. Larissa Barber says there’s way too much workplace telepressure on people these days, partly because it’s so easy to check emails wherever they are.

She and her research partner, Dr. Alecia Santuzzi say people of all personality types are doing it so they’re perceived by their bosses as doing a good job whether they’re at work, at home or even on vacation or sick.

But Dr. Barber says being always available could have the opposite desired effect and lower work quality and cause employee burnout.

She also says workplace telepressure can affect people’s quality of sleep and cause them to take more sick days.

A couple of ways to break yourself of workplace telepressure Dr. Barber says, is to discuss expectations with your boss and colleagues, turn off the email notifications on your phone, and set up “no interruption time”, times when you will not be checking your email.