By Brad Edwards

(CBS) –Highland Park has released graphic video and a five page explanation of why the shot a man nine times in under two seconds after a FOIA request from CBS 2.

On November 3, 27-year-old Christopher Anderson was taken to Highland Park Hospital with his daughter following a traffic accident. Police say Anderson drew a gun after refusing to put on a hospital gown.

On the video, officers could be heard yelling “drop it” numerous times before shots are fired.

A statement by Highland Park says, “The incident…was a tragedy for all who were involved.”

On the matter of nine shots fired by police in 1.7 seconds, that statement says, “The officers fired until the immediate threat was over.”

The report concludes, “The officer’s actions were reasonable and appropriate.”

The family of Christopher Anderson told CBS 2’s Brad Edwards that they haven’t seen the video but planned on watching CBS 2 Tuesday night.

His aunt said, “It doesn’t make sense. We just want to find out what really happened.”

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