By John Dodge

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — Watching two grown men in a social media hissy fit over a building sign is actually a lot more amusing than one might think.

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In this corner, Donald Trump, rich guy, who, in the view of one esteemed newspaper critic, has defiled our fine city by slapping his name on the side of his silvery, shiny building.

In the other corner, Blair Kamin, decorated architecture critic for the Chicago Tribune and defender of building aesthetics.

The latest spat started after the Chicago city council approved an ordinance that would limit the size of future signs along the Chicago River.

While the law would prevent the river front from looking like the Las Vegas strip, it also ensures that the TRUMP sign will always be the biggest around.

That is just fine with Trump, but he still can’t help taking swipes at Kamin. The guy sure likes to gloat.

Let’s get to the action.

Trump threw this power shot earlier today:

However, Kamin fought back with a wicked counter that stunned the New York windbag:

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That led to a bench-clearing free-for-all with defenders of both men jumping into battle:

Pretty entertaining, but unlikely to be on HBO pay-per-view any time soon–unless they enter the Octagon.