By John Dodge

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — Students across the nation have united in a crusade, drawing a line in the lunch room over what they are being served in the school cafeteria.

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Using the hashtag #thanksmichelleobama, teenagers are tweeting out pictures of the stuff that gets slapped on their platter.

It began as an effort led by first lady Michelle Obama to serve more-healthful food to American schoolchildren.

It has been made into a mockery by teens–as only teens can do.

Here are some examples of the stuff kids see on the lunch room line.

While the images that are about to be shown are safe for work, the plain truth is that this stuff looks icky.

The best guess from our panel of food experts is that this is a dollop of refried beans:

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Could this be red beans and rice? Dog vomit? Bueller? Anybody? Bueller?

That apple is shaped like a rhombus. Did somebody cut out the principal’s tongue?

There appears to be more plastic utensils than food here.

Fiber, buddy, fiber.

As one might imagine, there are lots of people who take umbrage with teens being sarcastic and having little or no understanding of the real struggles around them.

This is kind of a “get off my lawn” tweet. However, she does have a point. Kids can be little s—s.

This is a “throw the lunch lady under the bus” tweet, but she, too, does have a point.

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And finally, the whole story, summed up in fewer than 140 characters.