By John Dodge

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — This year has not only been one of the coldest in Chicago, it is also one of the few places on the entire planet that was colder than average this year.

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In fact, none of us have never experienced a year as cold as 2014.

The last time the average annual year-to-date temperature was this cold was back in 1904.

According to the Gerontology research group, there is nobody from Illinois born before 1904 that is still living. Nationwide, there are 18 people older than 110 years old.

The Chicago area was one of only three or four places on Earth that had colder than normal temperatures for 2014, according to the the National Climatic Data Center.

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The other “cold pockets” were mostly in the middle of nowhere, making Chicago easily the most populous area to experience extreme cold.

In fact, temperatures globally between January and October were the warmest on record, according to the NCDC.

There is one bit of good news for those who loathe the cold. This week, temperatures should stay at or above normal, while the extended outlook calls for slightly warmer than average temperatures for the first half of December.

However, the National Weather Service is forecasting a good chance that temps could drop to below average for most of this winter season.

Global Temps

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