(CBS) As most of you have already heard, the Bears continued their theme of season-long drama this week when a Thursday night report from the Chicago Tribune’s Brad Biggs said offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer gave a tearful apology to the offense for critical remarks that he recently made of quarterback Jay Cutler.

Kromer talking outside the bunker has become the talk of the town and is yet another sign of how dysfunctional the Bears have been this season. Many agree Kromer just put the nail in the coffin for his Bears’ tenure — and perhaps (likely?) the tenure of the entire Bears’ coaching staff.

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Seemingly, that’s not the view shared by receiver Brandon Marshall, though, as in a pair of tweets late Thursday, it looked like he put the blame on the players’ side and not Kromer.

In regards to the “Most interesting part of this story is the NEW source SMH” part, Marshall was likely referring to the players who talked with Biggs and served as the basis for his story. Marshall appears to insinuate they’re a problem, too.

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It’s possible Marshall is upset with Kromer as well, but he’s already known since Monday that Kromer had taken Cutler to task, so that wouldn’t seem “new.” And Marshall’s second tweet seems to support the coaching staff.

Plus, it’s worth noting Marshall and Cutler — teammates for three years in Denver and now three years in Chicago — appear to have a strained relationship right now. Marshall agreed with the “buyer’s remorse” report on Cutler’s big contract by NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport that started all this latest drama, saying in a recent radio appearance that, “I’d have buyer’s remorse, too.”

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What’s been a bit overlooked is that Kromer was simply expressing a belief that’s permeating the entire city right now. Like many in the organization and many fans, there’s frustration with Cutler, but the trouble is Kromer went about expressing that in the wrong way.