(CBS) Leave if to Doug Buffone to sum up the Bears’ dysfunction best.

A former Chicago linebacker who played on some terrible teams, Buffone unloaded on the Bears organization Friday morning on 670 The Score’s Mully and Hanley Show, one day after a report surfaced that offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer gave a tearful apology to the offense during a Monday meeting for making critical remarks to a national reporter about quarterback Jay Cutler.

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“This organization is a loser,” Buffone said. “They want to play chess. You don’t play chess. This is football! That’s what you play.

“I want everybody gone.”

The Bears are 5-8 and are contending for the unofficial record of most drama ever in an NFL team’s season.

“This is very, very hard for me to say — that the Chicago Bears are losers,” Buffone said. “Their organization is a loser.”

Buffone added that Kromer shouldn’t have talked outside the bunker but that he was also just expressing a truth — that the Bears have been befuddled and frustrated by Cutler, who leads the league with 21 turnovers.

“I have no problem with it,” Buffone said of Kromer’s words. “I know a lot of people will say, ‘Wait a minute Doug, what’s wrong with you? Let’s keep this organization together.’ For what?! To go out and get your ass beat for the last three games? Why do you want to keep it together? For what? Why don’t you want to tell the truth so we can do something about it?

“They’re full of crap.

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“None of the Bears are doing their job.”

Listen to Buffone’s full interview here. He’s as entertaining as ever.

Buffone’s fury was shared by other former Bears players too, including 670 The Score co-host Patrick Mannelly, the longest-tenured Bear in franchise history.

“It’s almost getting laughable as an alumni,” Mannelly said on the Spiegel and Mannelly Show on Friday morning.

Mannelly also said Kromer’s coaching career will be forever altered by his words.

“You’ve lost all the respect of your guys,” Mannelly said.

“This will sit on his desk forever. Every player who he walks into the meeting room with will think, ‘Will you sell me out?’”

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Former Bears tight end Desmond Clark expressed his anger on Twitter, saying the team was “toxic as hell.”