(CBS) — Driver’s see the tumbling gas prices. How low will they go?

A station in Lakeview was charging $2.91 a gallon. In Arlington Heights, gas was $2.47.

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And according to Gasbuddy.com, you can fill up in Elgin for $2.42 per gallon.

But wait until you hear the prices CBS 2’s Pamela Jones came across Monday in Northwest Indiana.

Gas at a GoLo station in Gary, Ind. was $2.34 for regular. But even at this price, drivers are spending about $1.50 less per gallon than they were back in April.

Driver Archie Malone was able to fill his tank for just 30 bucks.

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Experts say the last time prices dropped this low here was about five years ago. The prices ticked up as much as 14 cents, though, the farther east CBS 2 drove in Gary. But in Lake Station, there was another drop, to $2.33.

“I’m really happy they’re lower. It’s almost like Christmas, thank you very much,” driver Robin Benson says.

And yes, it’s possible to find gas cheaper, but you may have to take a serious road trip to find it: $2.19 a gallon in Valparaiso, Ind.

Some 14 states have at least one gas station where regular is right at 2 bucks a gallon.


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