(CBS) — A highly successful electronics recycling program in Lake County is back on track after a temporary closure for lack of funding from the state or electronics manufacturers.

Walter Willis, executive director of the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County, says last year SWALCO took in almost 4 million pounds of discarded TVs, computers and monitors and was on track for more this year until manufacturers’ funding ran out.

He ordered closure of 18 electronics recycling centers starting Thursday but says the program will resume Jan. 2.

Willis says his office has found an electronics recycler willing to do the recycling for an acceptable price to the county of $200,000. And SWALCO’s executive committee has signed off on the program. The company is Dynamic Recycling of LaCrosse, Wisc.

Willis says state law requires manufacturers to fund all electronics recycling, and the executive committee also authorized a legal effort to get them to pay up.

Willis says until pickup resumes after the first of the year, Lake County residents are urged to take their electronics to a retail scrapyard—or store it in their basement, for the time being.