(CBS) — “Destructive activity with malicious intent.”

That is how the White House is describing the cyber attack on Sony Pictures.

The FBI is moving closer to officially blaming North Korea for the attack. As CBS 2’s Chris Martinez reports, some believe this is the new frontier of war.

“Today is the day the whole game changes,” says cyber security expert Bill Kresse of Governors State University.

“We see both the marriage of hacking with terrorism, and we see the weaponization of the Internet,” he adds.

It’s the future of warfare, with North Korea now thought to have waged the first battle successfully. At the heart of it all: the movie “The Interview.”

The comedy centers around the assassination of the country’s leader. Online threats led to Sony cancelling the film’s Christmas release.

Security experts now question if the studio’s reaction to the threats will embolden other groups to try the same tactics.

“They could mount the same type of cyber attack or an online protest against your organization,” says former FBI agent Ross Rice, CBS 2’s security consultant.

Kresse wonders if North Korea has actually done the U.S. a favor by revealing our online vulnerabilities.