CHICAGO (CBS) — Former alderman Bernard Stone has died at the age of 87.

Stone represented the 50th Ward in the West Rogers Park neighborhood for nearly 40 years, serving from 1973 to 2011.

His family said he died early Monday at Skokie NorthShore Hospital, as a result of complications from a fall.

“He loved serving the people, he loved his job — he lived his job,” said daughter Ilana Feketitsch.

Stone was vice mayor for his last 14 years in office.

Ald. Joe Moore, who represents the neighboring 49th Ward, served on the council with Stone for 20 years, sometimes butting heads with the North Side’s elder statesman. Moore called Stone a one-of-a-kind individual.

“While he and I didn’t always see eye to eye on political issues, and often on policy issues, both of us shared an affinity for speaking our mind, and speaking from our heart,” Moore said.

Moore noted Stone vigorously opposed the idea of appointing an inspector general to keep tabs on the City Council, but also pointed out Stone led the fight to preserve Thillens Stadium, now known as the Stadium at Devon and Kedzie.

“He was a very traditional alderman, who put ward service at the top of his priority list. He was a little bit slow to accept some of the reforms that have been implemented over the years, but no one would doubt his love and commitment to his community,” he said.

Stone was the council’s oldest member at 83 years old when he ran for re-election in 2011, and he accused his opponents of making his age an issue in the campaign.

“How many aldermen are down here every day? How many aldermen attend as many committee meetings as I do? I am probably the most energetic of all the aldermen,”he said. “I ask questions. I’m one of the people who really does the job. I’m a full-time alderman, I’ve always been a full-time alderman.”

Stone was forced into a runoff after getting 37.5 percent of the vote against four opponents in the 2011 election, and then lost the runoff against Debra Silverstein, by a 61-39 margin. In conceding to Silverstein, he said, “It’s been a good run.”

Known for always speaking his mind, Stone wasn’t exactly gracious to Silverstein and her supporters as he admitted defeat.

“I feel sorry for them,” Stone said. “I don’t think she’ll be a good servant.”

Memorial services have been scheduled for noon Tuesday at Chicago Jewish Funerals’ Skokie Chapel, 8851 Skokie Blvd. His family has asked for donations to multiple sclerosis charities, or other non-profits. He will be interred at Waldheim Jewish Cemetery in Forest Park.