“You know something? We worked together a long time ago…” 104.3 K-HITS’ Dave Fogel started his interview with Mark Wahlberg early this morning.

“You were with the Funky Bunch and you were a guest DJ on my show, man… and you had the flu…”

“Back then, I don’t know…” Wahlberg replied. “I may have been hungover.”

Mark didn’t just call in to Dave Fogel’s morning show to reminisce, he wanted to tell Dave all about his new movie, The Gambler. Set to release Christmas Day, Wahlberg stars alongside John Goodman and Brie Larson.

“He’s a guy who’s involved with the most dangerous criminals in all of Los Angeles and he has no reason to want to live,” Wahlberg said about his character in The Gambler, Jim Bennett. “They’ve never seen the likes of this guy.”

Read the rest of the interview and see the trailer for The Gambler at K-HITS Chicago…