By Dan Bernstein-

(CBS) I’m still worried the Bears are going to find a way to “Bears” this thing up.

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Changes are coming, and all that remains to be determined is how high they go. Regardless, there can be no more conflict of their mission between the need for new vision and the comfort of familiarity.

That’s what produced the comical 2010 press conference promising “massive change” while stressing the importance of continuity. That’s what had a general manager hiring assistant coaches and guys like Bruce Arians walking away when told he’d be required to keep some of them around.

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It’s what the Bears have done, hiring above and around and between layers, creating an organizational flowchart that looks like a moebius strip.

They can’t seem to quite get it: the highest-level new appointee then hires those at the tier below, and so on.  It’s so simple, but seemingly so hard for the Bears to grasp. The mistake can’t happen again.

But I fear it might.

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