CHICAGO (CBS) — Ten days after Mayor Emanuel’s 17-year-old son was mugged a few houses down and across the street from his Ravenswood home, the police superintendent says he will be reviewing the security detail outside the residence.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy says the officers on duty in front of the mayor’s home are at a fixed post – not a roving patrol.

And when the mayor’s son was robbed and roughed up, it was outside their field of vision.

Nevertheless, McCarthy says, he’s taking a look at the police personnel on duty.

“We’re taking another look at it to see if there’s a way to improve it.

“Obviously the mayor has been away, and it happened unfortunately right before they left. So when he comes back… we’ve been working with the security detail to figure out if we have the right personnel and if they’re in the right places at the right times.”

As for the cameras near the corner where the mugging happened…

“Those cameras did not help us in this investigation yet.”

McCarthy says there is some limited progress in the investigation.