CHICAGO (CBS) — For the first time ever, Customs and Border Protection agents intercepted a certain type of destructive beetle that was poised to enter the United States. In this case, through the Port of Chicago.

Finding a Phyllotreta vittula Redtenbacher beetle at America’s doorstep is comparable to finding the first Asian longhorned beetle, or the first emerald ash borer.

“That’s a very good way to kind of summarize it,” said Brian Bell, chief Customs and Border Protection officer in Chicago. He compared the Redtenbacher beetle to other destructive pests which did gain a foothold in the U.S.

Bell said the Redtenbacher beetle was stopped two weeks ago, after it was discovered in a shipment of rhubarb from the Netherlands, probably routed through there from some other country.

“This beetle could be very destructive to farmers’ livelihoods, even to the consumer. The price of lettuce could significantly increase if the majority of crops are destroyed,” Bell said.

Now that inspectors know that the beetle could show up, they’ll increase their vigilance, according to Bell.