CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayoral candidate Willie Wilson was at a downtown bank on Monday, donating $1 million of his own money to his campaign fund.

Wilson, who now runs a medical supply company, met reporters at BMO Harris Bank at 111 W. Madison St., where he wrote a personal check for $1 million, and deposited it in his campaign account. Wilson said he’s helping his campaign buy radio and TV ads to get out the message about what he wants for the city of Chicago.

“The West Side, the South Side of Chicago, the North Side, East Side of Chicago; all of them should look like downtown Chicago. We are one city, and one citizen, and we must make sure that we work hard to do that,” he said.

He said the move would save money on police cars and maintenance.

Wilson said he wants lower taxes, and 75 percent of police officers out of their cars and walking the beat to make people feel safer.

“If I can walk, a citizen can walk on a bus in the cold out there, and the citizen’s paying the police officer, they should be cold too,” he said.

Wilson also supports an elected school board, wants red light cameras abolished, and called for a two-term limit for the mayor’s office.

On Monday, Wilson said he would propose to reopen Meigs Field.