(CBS) — Outgoing Governor Pat Quinn still has plans for a special legislative session this week, but he gave something of a farewell speech here in Chicago this afternoon, reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

Governor Quinn told the City Club of Chicago he believes he has done a lot of good for a lot of people while in office and that includes raising taxes when revenue was needed.

“I do think it is important for our politics to have people of both parties be bold with respect to doing the things that are necessary for the future, for the common good,” Quinn said.

He grew emotional trying to talk about how he tried to emulate his late father and he said he hopes to mount petition drives for referendums on issues like mental health while he is out of office.

“I’ve got two things to say: I got to live to 102 to pay off my kids’ college loans… and I think all of my petition–passing friends would be disappointed if I didn’t say it, I think it is time to make the will of the people the law of the land.”

When asked if he will run for office again, Quinn shrugged his shoulders. It was the case of a picture or in this case, a gesture, worth a thousand words, or just two: who knows.