CHICAGO (CBS) — After two days at home, students at Chicago Public Schools returned to classes on Friday.

The frigid conditions made it difficult for kids who had to walk.

Though it was slightly warmer than Wednesday and Thursday when schools were closed for extreme cold, the official temperature in Chicago was no warmer than 4 degrees when most students would have been heading to school Friday morning.

Many of the students at Drake Elementary School in Bronzeville walk to school along a Safe Passage route, which was cleared of snow for Friday morning.

With proper winter wear, covered head to toe, students made it through the bitter cold.

Typically, students who arrive early have to wait outside, but because of the very cold temperatures, school officials allowed students to go inside 30 minutes early on Friday.

Tracy Anderson, who always drops her 8th grade daughter off on her way to work, said it was a “wonderful” decision by the school.

After two days at home due to the cold, she said it was time for CPS students to get back to class.

Her daughter, Khadijash, said she didn’t feel warm enough, so she’s looking forward to going shopping for warmer clothes after school.

Drake principal Antonia hill said the school was accommodating early dismissals for students whose parents can pick them up Friday afternoon so they don’t have to walk home.