(CBS) — The Student Association of Northern Illinois University is considering asking DeKalb officials to allow underage people to go into bars to be with some of their older friends, even if they’re not allowed to drink alcohol, reports WBBM’s Bernie Tafoya.

In Champaign and Carbondale, bars near the University of Illinois and Southern Illinois University allow in underage people, but DeKalb Mayor John Rey says he does not think it would be right for his city.

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NIU students have not yet asked for a change in local law but they are studying the matter. Mayor Rey says there is already enough of an issue of underage drinking as it is.

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“There are a number of instances of underage drinking in those weekly police reports, so it is a concern in the behavior,” he said.

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Mayor Rey says there are plenty of non-alcohol related dance and entertainment options for underage students so they don’t have to take weekend trips back home to the Chicago area.