CHICAGO (CBS) — As much as most Illinois residents hated last winter’s snowy, frigid weather, state transportation officials said there was a silver lining.

Last year saw the fewest traffic deaths on Illinois roads in nearly a century. The 910 fatalities was the lowest since 1921.

Illinois Department of Transportation spokeswoman Carson Quinn said 2014 was the sixth consecutive year with fewer than 1,000 traffic deaths.

In 2004, there were 1,355 traffic deaths in Illinois, and in 1994, there were 1,554.

In 2013, there were 991 traffic fatalities in Illinois. Quinn said the drastic drop last year was due in part to “The exceptionally harsh winter and reduction in travel.”

“Another factor is safer vehicles are being made,” she added.

IDOT keeps a running tally of traffic deaths, and displays the total on electronic information boards above the state’s expressways as a reminder to motorists to drive safely and stay alive.