CHICAGO (CBS) — As Mayor Rahm Emanuel prepared to outline his economic development agenda for a possible second term in office, his challengers were lining up to criticize his record during his first term.

The mayor said his administration has pumped $4 billion in public and private investments into seven neighborhoods in need — including Engelwood and Pullman — but Ald. Bob Fioretti (2nd) said he’s been fighting to get rid of so-called “food deserts” and boost business longer than Emanuel.

“A lot of the issues down in Pullman were started way before he came into office. The Wal-Mart was passed under [former mayor Richard M.] Daley,” Fioretti said.

Rival challenger and businessman Willie Wilson said most of the development under Emanuel has been in and around downtown.

“A lot of the dollars is spent with his friends over and over again; people who he’s put into office, or people who have spent money on his campaign,” Wilson said.

Perennial candidate William “Dock” Walls echoed that sentiment.

“The neighborhoods themselves are decaying. They have inferior city services. They have no neighborhood stores owned by the people in the neighborhoods,” he said.

Emanuel was scheduled to speak at a manufacturing plant in Pullman on Wednesday afternoon, when he will outline his economic agenda for his second term.