CHICAGO (CBS) — An unusal auction was scheduled for this weekend, featuring rare antiques and memorabilia amassed by a suburban hoarder.

When an unnamed McHenry man died, his house was found to be packed wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling with all sorts of stuff.

“This gentleman just had an eye for interesting stuff,” said Randy Donley, founder of Donley Auction Services.

Donley said, at some point, the man’s 50 years of collecting crossed over into an obsession.

“You couldn’t eat on the kitchen table because it was just packed full of boxes of old 1950’s toys. The bedrooms you could not literally walk in,” Donley said.

The estate includes some rare Civil War memorabilia, and 1950’s toys still in their original packaging. The sale will be held this Saturday at Donley’s Auction House in Union.