(CBS) — The CTA says operations are largely back to normal tonight after switching problems caused significant delays on nearly all of its lines this morning and made thousands of people late for work, school or other appointments.

And we’ve learned the agency has an offer for riders who get delayed by technical problems.

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Metra says for at least two decades it’s had slips of paper for passengers if trains are delayed at least six minutes.

Those slips are in essence tardy slips for your boss, saying Metra was late and that’s why I’m late.

Those slips are at ticket counters and if the the Metra delay is long enough, passenger services personnel are actually handing them out when you get off the train.

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But who knew the CTA had the same kind of thing?

Getting one is a little more involved. The CTA says if you’re late because of the CTA, you can get a Train Delay Notice Slip.

You have to ask for one, and the CTA says they’re at every station.

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The customer assistant has to verify the delay and once it’s confirmed, then the slip is filled out – indicating the rail line, the station, the date, the time, total delay. And the CTA employee has to write down his badge number.