(CBS) — A state senator from Chicago wants to dramatically reduce the tax on disposable diapers – even though it could mean a loss of millions of dollars in tax revenue for the state.

State Senator Martin Sandoval proposed this last year – and he’s trying again: to reduce the tax on disposable diapers and wipes to 1 percent. Down from 6 and a quarter percent.

Now, 5 percent goes to the state. With Sandoval’s proposal for just 1 percent, he would have it all go to the municipality.

He says he doesn’t know exactly how much the state would lose, but he says it would be in the millions. Even so, he says it’s a good idea.

“I represent a district where we have a lot of children, babies and working moms, and this would be a huge, huge investment in families on the Southwest Side of Chicago, as well as the rest of the state.”

Sandoval’s proposal to lower the tax would only apply to children’s diapers – not adult diapers.

Asked whether he might consider pushing for a tax credit for parents who use cloth diapers as a green option – Sandoval says these days both parents work – often – and the world has changed from the days when there were only cloth diapers.

Alexandra Eidenberg founded the online support group Mom + Baby and is a mother of two with another on the way and a big backer of the diaper tax cut.

“Our children have to wear diapers and they need wipes to clean up,” she said. “Why should we be charging them?”