By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — When a suburban Chicago woman received her Comcast bill, she was stunned to see what was inside.

It wasn’t the money she owed.

It was the name the company used on the address.

Mary Bauer’s name had been changed to “Super B—h Bauer.”

Bauer, who lives in Addison, had been having repeated trouble with her service and billing. She called many times to complain and get the issues fixed.

“I told them that I would not open this bill because that is not my name,” Bauer told CBS 2. “They embarrassed me.”

She said she was upset at times during some of the calls, but in a way that she felt was legitimate after being so frustrated with the company’s service.

After news reports about Bauer’s experience surfaced, Comcast called her this week and apologized, offering her six months of free service.

All she wanted, however, was an explanation as to how this happened.

The Comcast representative then upped the offer to a full two years of free service.

Bauer was left with the impression that the cable company had not bothered to investigate but had simply hoped to offer her a deal to make the issue go way.

Bauer told them she would consider the offer and get back to them next week.

As for the problems with her service, Bauer said the technicians were ill-equipped to troubleshoot the problem after she had upgraded to the company’s newest technology.

After one tech couldn’t fix the problem, Comcast said they would send out another technician will more experience.

Bauer said the same tech was sent back to her home.

“He asked, ‘Do you want me to even come in?’ ” Bauer said. “I said, “Well, did you go to school in the last two days?’ ”

So, the man left.

Last month, a customer in Washington state received a bill addressed to Assh–e Brown.