(CBS) — A male juvenile suspect was arrested and charged Saturday in connection with the Dec. 19 mugging of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s teen son near the family’s North Side home, police said.

The unidentified suspect “confessed to the crimes he committed” and was charged as a juvenile with robbery and aggravated battery on the public way, Chicago Police Department News Affairs said in a brief statement. The mayor and his wife also issued a statement, thanking police for their work on the case.

“They would like to thank everyone who shared kind thoughts and wishes for their son’s well being. As parents, they continue to ask that the media respect their family’s privacy,” spokesman Adam Collins said in an email.

The mayor has said his son, Zach, 17, was talking to his college adviser on his iPhone when he was jumped on the Lakeview street where the family resides. The teen, robbed of his phone reportedly suffered a fat lip and chipped tooth. The initial reports indicated more than one offender was involved.

Police say they interviewed several “persons on interest” in the case but Saturday’s arrest was the only one for the battery and robbery. It wasn’t immediately clear if police were looking for additional suspects.

Mayor Emanuel’s home has a constant police presence.

The State’s Attorney’s office says the suspect will appear in juvenile court on Monday.