(CBS) — Advocates for and against an elected school board in Chicago squared off in a spirited discussion Monday afternoon, reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

Jitu Brown, National Director for the Journey 4 Justice Alliance, says Chicago’s school children, especially the less fortunate ones, would be better served by an elected school board. He says the current board doesn’t have to answer to parents.

“This is a civil rights issue because it is removal of our voting rights,” Brown said. “People can raise our taxes but we cannot hold them directly accountable for the policies they set.”

But Chicago Board Of Education Vice President Jesse Ruiz told the City Club of Chicago luncheon there is a major concern.

“I do have concern about inserting more politics into school board operation,” Ruiz said. “I don’t have to raise a dime from anybody. I don’t have to worry about my next campaign.”
But Brown suggests things couldn’t get any more political than they already are.