CHICAGO (CBS) — Some sleazy tactics have surfaced in at least one race for alderman on the South Side.

Someone has circulated a letter in the 17th Ward, purporting to be from aldermanic candidate David Moore. He said it falsely claims to be from him, and contains a false confession about his supposed struggles with his sexuality and admissions of illicit sex.

Moore said he didn’t write it, it’s all lies, and it’s a deplorable tactic.

“It’s the lowest of the low. It’s the lowest of the low,” Moore said. “It’s untrue, it’s a lie. So I don’t have to defend lies. That’s one thing I don’t have to do. My friends, my family, my neighbors, everyone knows me.”

Moore said there are also similar robocalls being made, urging voters to support rival candidate Glenda Franklin.

A spokesman for the Franklin campaign said they have nothing to do with either the mailings or the calls, and Franklin denounces both.

Rev. Clay Evans, a Moore supporter, said whoever is responsible for the letter and calls is doing wrong.

“I think it’s awful. I just think it’s just downright ungodly, and whatnot, for people to be that low,” Evans said.

Evans also vouched for Moore’s character, calling him “A man of integrity; a man that believes in God and in people.”

Evans is the former founding national chairman of Operation PUSH and founder of the Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, where Moore serves as a deacon. Evans and other pastors joined Moore on Wednesday for a City Hall news conference.

Franklin previously worked at St. Sabina Catholic Church, for Rev. Michael Pfleger, who vouched for her.

Incumbent Ald. Latasha Thomas is retiring, and has endorsed Franklin. In addition to Moore and Franklin, Rev. James Dukes also is vying to replace Thomas.