By John Dodge

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — Those of a certain age remember the wonder of watching a photograph appear like magic before their eyes.

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It was called a Polaroid.

In the modern digital world, images are instant and pervasive. Yet, there is still something magical, even romantic, about holding an actual photograph.

These old and new technologies collide in the form a new smart phone case, called Prynt, that instantly creates a printed photograph of a digital image.

The case is similar to a Polaroid camera–take a selfie and the case will print the pic for you. The case will also print images stored in the phone’s camera roll.

Prynt animation

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There is no need to shake it like a Polaroid picture, but the idea is remarkably the same.

The Prynt case stores 10 sheets of photographic paper inside. It is available for advance purchase at Kickstarter, and the developers have already raised nearly $1 million

There is a delightful video component to the technology as well. Using the Prynt app, a user can take a short video and print one of the frames.

Scan the printed picture on the app and the related video plays. It’s like Vine hooked up with your Polaroid.

Prynt Video animation

The case will work with any iPhone 5 or 6 as well as the Galaxy S4 or S5.

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The developers are aiming to deliver the first Prynt cases in late summer.