(CBS) — A year now since the death of a 19-year-old SIU student from Morton Grove – and the state’s attorney in Jackson County says there will be no criminal charges in the case. And that has upset the family.

Last February, the body of Pravin Varughese of Morton Grove was found in Carbondale.

The autopsy said he died of hypothermia.

But his family paid for a second opinion – and Pravin Varughese’s mother Lovely says that pointed toward murder.

And she has sued authorities in Carbondale and Jackson County because she says they’ve mishandled the case.

Now she is even more concerned because the state’s attorney has said there will be no criminal charges against a man the family believes beat Pravin to death.

“And I am really upset and I feel sad that this is the way it is.”

The state’s attorney in Jackson County, Michael Carr, tells WBBM that Pravin died from what he called the “grand slam”: “a combination of alcohol, hypothermia – and he was in a car with somebody who wasn’t his friend,” but Carr says he doesn’t believe that man struck a blow that killed Pravin Varughese.