(CBS) — An animal rescue organization is concerned about the welfare of a dog that was adopted by a Chicago woman and then reported as stolen at a Northwest Side gas station.

The woman who adopted the dog is a veterinarian, a respected one, say the folks at Midwest Animal Rescue, where she picked up the dog that she named Cloud over the weekend. For now, we’re not identifying her.

Yesterday, she told Midwest, based outside Minneapolis, that she was getting gas on the Northwest Side of Chicago, at Cicero and Montrose, near the clinic where she works, and someone reached into her car and stole the puppy she’d had for two days.

She said police were investigating. Police say they are not. There was no such report.

The woman has ignored repeated calls and text messages, ours and those of the rescue organization, which has no idea what’s become of the dog, a Golden retriever mix.

A call to the woman’s veterinary clinic, answered by someone else, revealed that, yes, she did adopt the dog over the weekend. But it was the first they’d heard of any dog-napping. The woman wasn’t there.

Meanwhile, the story circulates on the internet, passed from dog lover to dog lover, everyone pulling for the return of a dog that apparently was not stolen.

The rescue people just want to know what’s going on.