CHICAGO (CBS) — If you’ve ever been in the United Center after the Blackhawks Score a goal, or stuck in traffic, stood under the Loop ‘L’ tracks during rush hour, or walked Kuma’s Corner, you know Chicago can be a very noisy place.

Just how loud? Easily among the noisiest places in America, as illustrated on a color-coded map created by the National Park Service.

Chicago shines in bright yellow and orange, along with other major metropolitan areas like New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Dallas.

If you look close enough, you can even make out the intricate network of highways criss-crossing the nation.

Most of the U.S. shows up in shades of blue, no darker than the deserts and national parks out West, where there often aren’t towns or buildings for miles and miles.

One comparison, in many places in Chicago – like the Madhouse on Madison, standing under the ‘L,’ or eating at Kuma’s – talking to the person right next to you can be a difficult task, even if you’re shouting. However, the National Park Service says you can hear your companion from up to 50 feet away at the national parks.

Try doing that at North Avenue Beach during the Air & Water Show without a megaphone and a directional microphone.